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Happy Valley is a small farm nestled in the beautiful hills of Carmarthenshire. We have a variety of livestock, which enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, exhibiting their natural behaviours in the fresh Welsh air.


After many years of dreaming, we finally took the plunge and gave up the 'rat race' in North West England. We managed to purchase an 18 acre derelict house and holding in rural Wales and haven't looked back!


We decided to go into a variety of pedigree livestock, focusing on quality over quantity. First it was the Pygmy goats, closely followed by Boer and Golden Guernsey goats. Our original cross breed pigs were purchased to provide us with meat, however we have since moved across to Berkshire's. Not forgetting the Wiltshire Horn sheep and variety of poultry, there's always a furry or feather resident to have a cuddle with.


Our farmhouse had laid derelict for a number of years and needed substantial renovations, which meant we lived in a little touring caravan on the yard for almost two years. Once the work was completed we could spend more time building up our smallholding.

Self-sufficiency journey

We set out to live 'the good life', spend more time together and grow or raise as much of our own food as possible. Nowadays we are self-sufficient in meat, which not only tastes better but we can be confident the animal has had a happy, fulfilling life. Our fruit and vegetable patch has recently undergone some expansion, which will aid us in that direction too. There's nothing better than serving up a meal where all ingredients are homegrown! 

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