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Happy Valley Produce

After many years of dreaming, we finally took the plunge and gave up the 'rat race' in North West England. We moved to our 18 acres smallholding in rural Wales and haven't looked back! Specialising in rare and native pedigree livestock, we are also able to focus on quality over quantity. We pride ourselves on the lifestyle we can provide for our animals, it is important that they have a happy, fulfilling life.


Pork - Available
Sausages - Available
Bacon - Available

Lamb - Sold Out!
Goat Meat - Almost Gone! (contact us)

Our slow growing, rare breed, outdoor reared meat is so delicious that it gets snapped up quickly! Unfortunately that does mean that we often sell out of our produce. In keeping with our quality over quantity ethos, we want to keep our scale relatively small to ensure all of our animals are happy, healthy and enjoying their active outdoor lifestyle on our Welsh hillside! After all, superior quality meat is worth the wait! Below is a list of our current availability. Feel free to contact us if the item you would like is out of stock, we can put you on our mailing list so let you know once it is available again.

Our Packaging

We care about our environment and have worked hard to find packaging which will both keep our products cool and safe in transit, whilst not ending up in landfill. Our delivery packaging is therefore reusable but also fully recyclable or biodegradable.

Outer cardboard box: Widely recycled.

Ice packs: Reusable. To recycle, cut corner of the pack and dispose liquid down the drain. The contents are benign and not harmful to the environment. The outer film is recyclable as LDPE4 amongst carrier bags and bread bags.

Woolcool insulated liner: 100% felted sheep's wool, therefore natural, sustainable, biodegradable and compostable. This product can be reused in many ways, from pipe insulation and draft excluders to cushion inserts and welly insoles!

Why eat rare breeds? Surely that makes no sense!

On the surface it doesn't sound very logical, but you need to eat rare breed livestock to keep the breed alive. When farmers are breeding from their pedigree rare breeds, they are hoping to produce the next generation to grow the registered numbers of that rare breed. It is a fact that not all of the offspring produced from breeding these animals are suitable for registering and going on to breed themselves. By enjoying their fabulous, slow growing, tasty meat, you are enabling the farmer to continue to care for our native rare breeds, which ultimately saves them from extinction.


Our produce is delivered to you frozen via APC next day courier on a date confirmed with you. We package your order securely in a strong cardboard box, with an environmentally friendly Woolcool liner and recyclable ice packs. This ensures your meat remains frozen and safe during transport whilst also being kinder to the environment. Your order will be collected from us by APC on the next available slot, to arrive with you the following day. Unfortunately APC don't deliver on a Saturday, however we can deliver to a workplace or alternate address. Please ensure you give your correct telephone number and email address when ordering, so you can be kept up to date with your delivery. We will email you with a proposed delivery slot for you to confirm. Delivery is £10, which will be added at checkout.

If you are local to Llandovery, you can opt to collect your produce from our farm or at an agreed location local to Llandovery, Carmarthenshire. Please feel free to select this option and we will email you to arrange your collection.

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